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San Francesco e frate Leone - Il suo confessore

Brother Leo, priest educated and skilled calligrapher, was one of the favorite companions of Francis. She wanted him as his confessor and secretary inseparable, so much so that the protagonist of many episodes in the life of the saint.

Brother Leo was loved by St. Francis for two particular virtues, simplicity and purity of heart, for which he was called by the Holy "lamb of God".

He told the San Francisco home of the "true and perfect joy," wanted him at his side when he composed the New Rule and, after receiving the Most holy stigmata on Mount La Verna, elected Brother Leo among others simpler and purer, letting him see and touch those holy wounds.

To underline the deep bond between the two, remain, as evidence, the blessing and the letter St. Francis devoted himself to Brother Leo.Work rich and evocative informing says, sobering and involves the viewer thanks to the skill of the leading actors Raffaele Ottolenghi and Michele Mietto, respectively, in the role of Francis and Leo, director Fabrizio Benincampi, who conceived the project, to 'Andrea Cagliesi experience as Assistant Director and John Ragone as Director of Photography and the high quality of the shots that have brought honor to the places of Assisi.  The dialogues of fiction and photographic images are of Alexander Chiavini. Music search was curated by Massimiliano Dragoni. The narrator is Claudio Carini. The overall organization was curated by Marco Mattia and Fulvia Angeletti.  To maintain the uniqueness of the project, the construction phase saw broad participation of the inhabitants of Assisi.

San Francesco e frate Leone - Il suo confessore

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