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San Francesco e frate Bernardo - il primo compagno

Bernard of Quintavalle is the first companion of St. Francis and with him, in 1208, founded the Franciscan brotherhood.

On the occasion of the eighth centenary of the birth of the Franciscan, this work illustrates the salient episodes of the conversion of Francis and Bernard through the story of the life and works of the first companion.

Bernardo, noble and cultured man of Assisi, deeply troubled by the choice of poverty of Francis, he decided to follow suit, joining him to observe the word of the Gospel and lead a life completely devoted to the next, to the contemplation of God and the testimony Franciscan spirit in the world.

In reconstructing the fundamental stages of the life of the first friar is to stress the experience of conversion of Bernardo and the importance this had for Francis, "it seemed that the Lord would care for him, giving him a companion and he needed a friend faithful "(From Thomas Celano, First Life of St. Francis).Work rich and evocative informing says, sobering and involves the viewer thanks to the skill of the leading actors Raffaele Ottolenghi and Andrea Cagliesi, respectively, in the role of Francis and Bernard, who has also worked as Assistant Director, director of Fabrizio Benincampi, who conceived the project, the experience of Roberto Meddi as Director of Photography and the high quality of the shots that have brought honor to the places of Assisi.  The dialogues of fiction and photographic images are of Alexander Chiavini. Music search was curated by Massimiliano Dragoni. The narrator is Claudio Carini. The overall organization was curated by Marco Mattia and Fulvia Angeletti.  To maintain the uniqueness of the project, the construction phase saw broad participation of the inhabitants of Assisi.

San Francesco e frate Bernardo - il primo compagno

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