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Cistercian Abbeys

Cistercian Abbeys
History and Architecture
- Hardcover

Test by Jean-Francois Leroux-Dhuys,
Photographs by Henri Gaud.

Founded in 1098, the later cloister of Citeaux is the birthplace of the Cistercian Ordre. From here the Order spread to all parts of Europe. The Order's strict way of life is also reflected in the unadorned simplicity characteristic of its architecture, an expression of its spirituality.

Nine centuries ago, when the dynamic energy of the Benedictine order was threatening to ossify into mere grandeur and formalism, the Cistercians returned to the original "holy rules" of Benedict of Nursia and working with their hands. The stone witnesses of this era include majestic monastic buildings with austere dignity and sublime absence of decoration. This volume presents masterpieces of Cistercian architecture in Europe.

Cistercian Abbeys

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