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Catholic prayer book for children

Catholic prayer book for children

Edited by Julianne M. Will
Illustrated by Kevin Davidson

Prayers, lessons, and truths for young hearts, minds and souls
With colorful, captivating illustrations, the Catholic prayer book for Children helps boys and girls discover the beauty of prayer as it encourages them to form a lifelong relationship with God

Here are:
- Beloved, traditional Catholic prayers
- Original prayers that accurately reflect a youngster's daily concerns and experiences
- A "how to" for offering his or her own prayers

But more than that, Catholic prayer book for Children also puts in your child's hands the basics of the Catholic Faith: the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, sacraments, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, livets of saints, and more.

Wint an age-appropriate "examination of conscience," and an introduction to the Mass and its major prayers. The Catholic Prayer Book for Children makes the perfect First Reconciliation of First Communion gift.

This is the keepsake your child will keep.
The prayers, lessons, and truths we never outgrow.

Catholic prayer book for children

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